Terms of Service

Splish Splash, Inc, Terms of Service

Splish Splash is happy to provide dog grooming services as presented on the homepage of this website. Please be advised that all animals to receive grooming must have rabies and/or distemper immunization and are free of diseases communicable to other pets. Pets that are aggressive or have behavioral issues which may place the groomer at risk must be specified prior to grooming. Should it become necessary during the course of grooming to take action, SS reserves the right to use a neoprene muzzle for the safety protection of grooming staff and pet(s).

SS takes no responsibility for any skin irritations, heavy matting, or habitual biting uncovered on pet(s) before, during, or after grooming.

In some dogs, the “quick” (capillary blood vessel) can grow to the top of the toenail. Though this is not a common problem in regularly-groomed dogs, slight bleeding may occur as a result of pet’s nail clipping. SS reserves the right to use treatment by styptic powder.

SS reserves the right to take photos of client(s) and pet(s) for the use of advertisement.


NOTE: FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR PETS, OUR GROOMERS AND OUR VANS, WE MAY CANCEL ON SHORT NOTICE IN THE EVENT OF TORNADIC OR ICY CONDITIONS. (As a general rule of thumb, we follow School Closing schedules. If school buses aren’t running, neither are we.)

We understand that emergencies and conflicts arise and a scheduled appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled. However, consider the fact that we often drive 30 minutes or more to your home. If you’re a No-Show, that creates a 1-2 hour gap (often longer) in our day. More important than our loss of revenue, a badly-needed groom for a pet on our waitlist could have been added, or we could have moved the next appointment up an hour or two. One of the ways we keep our prices low is to pre-map a driving route/stops each and every day. We maintain disciplined controls on the economic operation of our business, and for this reason, strictly adhere to the following policies:

1. A cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will result in a bill for the full cost of your pet’s scheduled service. Any advertised special or discount pricing will be forfeited. (Over the years, here have been abuses by customers who failed to return our calls, falsely claimed Family Emergency for a last-minute cancellation, or just plain ‘forgot’, necessitating this policy.)

2. If you have confirmed your appointment, we show up at the appointed time and nobody’s home, we will text/email you an invoice for the FULL MINIMUM DONATION OF THE SCHEDULED GROOM if access to the pet is not available. If we do not receive your payment  within 10 business, we may cease all future services and charge the card on file. (Fortunately, we have awesome customers and this is a very rare occurrence.) PLEASE CALL 228.278.9333 For any questions

3. If the cancellation is due to OUR illness or a van emergency repair, we will notify you immediately, and your appointment will be given top priority – often within 24 hours – It is our desire and firm commitment to keep your calendar appointments true to schedule!

REFUND POLICY: At Splish Splash Mobile Dog Grooming, our goal is two-fold. We appreciate that you, the pet owner, has the ultimate authority in determining what’s best for your pet. As groomers, we have a duty and obligation to consider the overall comfort and condition of your beloved pet both during the grooming process and when it is returned to you following the groom. If you are completely satisfied with our work, we will accept payment in cash or credit card. However, once we leave your premises, if you require additional services for the original visit, an extra charge may apply. Refunds are not customary once the service has been performed, and you have made payment in evidence of your satisfaction with our work.

We appreciate your business. This policy page has been effective as of February 14, 2012, and updated frequently since then. For more information please contact Splish Splash Mobile Dog Grooming at 228.278.9333

NOTICE: Groomer reserves the right the decline or cease services based on the pet(s)’ behavior, health, and safety. Due to physical limitations, SS does not groom dogs heavier than 50lbs.

By agreeing to the Terms of Service you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the terms and conditions.